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    August 9, 2019 4:53 AM EDT


    Jacob & Co Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette: The universe on the wrist

    The universe on the wrist: Jacob Co Astronomia sky simply cannot describe Astronomia in other ways.

    This watch is a testimony to the development of the watch industry, not as a practical science, but as an art form.

    Yes, Astronomia told the time. But this is only the detail lost in the visual impact provided by this watch.

    Design upgrade to art
    The Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette is a wide watch with a diameter of 50 mm.

    If other watches may be judged by the diameter of this size, Astronomia will use all of this space to create a visual brilliance, even in today's wild watch world.

    I dare say that Jacob should even praise this unique timer as a fairly easy to wear watch, rather than choosing to turn it into an elaborate watch.

    I was fortunate enough to wear Astronomia and found the buy replicas watch to be very balanced on the wrist. It can indeed be a daily worn watch, if it is not because of the thickness of 25 mm it is not easy to slide in the cuff of the shirt.

    However, this can be easily solved by accessing your tailor for some new custom shirts. . . Or give up the sleeves altogether.

    Astronomia is a watch worthy of viewing, enjoying and enjoying.

    The brand's founder, Jacob Arabo, knows this very well, using Astronomia's outer shell more as a frame, keeping the sapphire viewport on the side of the watch. This top and top high dome sapphire crystal mirror allows you to view the movement from a variety of different angles, so you are not sure which angle is the most impressive.

    Without angles, the high dome crystal is almost invisible and the watch does not look as high as the statistics.

    Complex movement
    Despite the fact that most sports are actually visible, your brain is not connected. It may distract all the different complications or realize that there are some very special and precious things on your wrist.

    The special feature of this watch is not that it is equipped with a three-axis tourbillon, but the three-axis tourbillon is not the core of this watch.

    In fact, the core content of this watch is actually unclear. Is it a tourbillon or a spherical cut diamond that represents the moon?

    Or is it a balanced paint magnesium ball across the diamond moon?

    Let us also not forget the most practical part of this watch: the small dial shows the hours and minutes of movement around the watch, always upright for immediate reading.

    The two meanings of this watch are full of dynamics: the tourbillon rotates about its first axis for 60 seconds, the second axis rotates for 5 minutes, and completes the entire movement in 20 minutes. Both the globe and the diamond moon rotate the shaft within 60 seconds, while the indicator dial rotates about the central axis in 20 minutes.

    From these numbers, you can already see that Astronomia only shows time. It does not tell you the current phase of the moon, nor does it use the Earth to provide world time in a complex way.

    This may disappoint some people, but it also gives Jacob & Co more artistic freedom, which is an opportunity for the brand to seize. Creating visual wonders is the primary goal. The winding and setting mechanism is located on the back of the watch, so there is no case design that is aesthetically pleasing to the crown.MB&F replica watches

    Diamonds are long-lasting
    Although the regular version of Astronomia is already amazing, the "baguette" version adds 359 rectangular cut diamonds (15.77 carats). Most of them are done through the invisible settings on the "dial".

    This is a mandatory tour as the stone tilts slightly up near the center of the dial. The same is true for the arrangement of the diamonds on the lugs, in particular by placing the stones in the form of a fan-shaped side, again invisibly.

    Known as "Jacob the Jeweler", Arabo has a reputation for diamonds; therefore these are of the highest quality: top Wesselton and internal flawless (IF) to very small inclusions (VVS1).MCT replica Watches

    Normally, such high quality diamonds will be displayed in platinum or platinum so that the color of the metal does not affect the colorless quality of the diamond. However, as Arabo did, by setting them to 18K rose gold, you can get amazing contrasts and better balance the complexity of the diamond and Astronomia technology look, not the white precious metal.

    The only question left is whether Astronomia is a universe of watchmakers or jewelers. In this regard, we can only answer: both!

    Case: 50 x 25 mm, rose gold with rectangular cut diamonds (total carat weight 15.77)
    Movement: Manual winding Calibre JCAM10 with three-axis tourbillon, rotating moon made of 288 faceted diamonds ("Jacob cutting"), lacquered magnesium balls
    Function: hour, minute

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