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Bovet Dimier Recital 12 Monsieur R120008 Replica watch

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    August 23, 2021 7:01 AM EDT
    Luminous dial with a new look Bovet launches the new Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two tourbillon watch

    The Virtuoso VIII Chapter II tourbillon fake luxury watches launched by BOVET last year is known as a masterpiece of high-end watchmaking, with outstanding achievements in decorative craftsmanship, precision mechanical structure and innovative technology.

    This year Bovet replaced this masterpiece with a beautiful black diamond-like carbon-coated titanium case and Super-LumiNova luminous dial, leading the traditional watchmaking process to the 21st century with a new aesthetic vision.

    Compared with last year’s Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two, this version is undoubtedly like a new watch, glowing with a strong sense of time and vitality, while retaining the essence of high-end watchmaking, reflecting the continuous development of Bovet - especially the application of materials, color matching, Continuous innovations in technical processing and display concepts give complex mechanical watches a fashionable style while adhering to the excellent tradition of self-developed and hand-made.High Quality Replica watches

    Recently, after three years of cooperation with the Rolls-Royce Depot, Bovey has successfully customized a pair of watch mounting systems embedded in the dashboard for Boat Tail car owners, and Bovey has also benefited a lot from it. Just as a car factory invested in Formula One racing, part of the technology can also be applied to the production of cars, and the rigorous development and testing (including car crash testing) of the Boat Tail car-made watches has also promoted Bovet to comprehensively upgrade its engineering and production standards. , The engineering and technical exchanges between the two parties have enabled the development of Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two and other watch series to be more refined.

    This new Super-LumiNova dial not only refers to the hour markers or scales with luminous, but the entire dial is treated with luminous, and is available in yellow, sky blue, salmon (salmon), pine green and purple. Each color is limited 8 pieces. After absorbing enough light, the luminous dial shines, which makes the eyes bright. For the first time, it is amazing to see the watch bursting out in the dark environment. The Super-LumiNova luminous technology also shows the personality of the other side of the broadcast.replica Jacob & co astronomia solar

    In the past few years, Bovet has integrated luminous technology into watch production in a unique way, such as the lunar surface used for moon phases and the bright yellow dial design of various Sunshine series. However, it is the first time that Super-LumiNova luminous technology has occupied such a heavy role in dial design. It can be seen that Bowei respects tradition and does not forget to explore the way of fashion design.

    The five-grade titanium case of Virtuoso VIII Chapter II is treated with a black diamond-like carbon coating, giving it a bright black luster, which forms a wonderful contrast with the bright dial.

    Detailed design
    The new Virtuoso VIII Chapter II retains the wonderful details of the original watch, including a patented ten-day powered flying tourbillon, a patented quick-winding system, a "writing inclined plate" case and a sapphire crystal window, detailed movement decoration, and a large date display. , And the two dials are laid out in a horizontal figure eight - in numbers and many cultural systems, figure eight is a symbol of luck, perfection and infinity.replica Richard mille 27-03 watches

    The Super-LumiNova luminous seconds dial under the tourbillon frame is fastened by screws, and the arrow-shaped mark attached to the tourbillon indicates 60 seconds, even in a dark environment without compromising the legibility. To achieve this effect, the seconds dial must be fixed on the bottom plate in the initial assembly stage, especially the luminous seconds dial is more technically demanding for the watchmaker, because a slight scratch, the entire second dial will have to be re-started. Make.

    It is hard to imagine that the diameter of the luminous dial can accommodate such a large calendar display. In fact, the space between the hour dial and the calendar dial has been compressed as much as possible to accommodate a larger calendar system to improve legibility. The watch craftsmanship is meticulous, considering that setting the date must be easy, no need to take off the watch, just press and hold the arched sapphire crown to quickly adjust the date, and the 12 o'clock crown and arch bridge design can avoid accidentally touching the crown Quick date adjustment switch.Patek Philippe Grand Complications replica

    The movement of the watch is fully in line with Bovet’s strict standards for timekeeping accuracy, reliability, display concept and beautiful appearance. A single barrel provides power for more than ten days, allowing the balance to maintain a frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour. The movement is stable.

    With a single barrel to store more than ten days of power, if there is no spherical differential winding technology, it will take more time to wind the foot chain. The spherical differential winding system is very sophisticated and contains two patented technologies. One of the gears has three-dimensional teeth. The number of times the crown is turned can be reduced by half to wind the chain without increasing the friction and pressure on the winding gear.


    The Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two watch is produced in limited edition (8 pieces per color), which is a stylish new outfit for Bovet’s patented ten-day power large calendar flying tourbillon technology, especially the Super-LumiNova luminous dial and black diamond-like carbon coating The matching of the titanium case is very avant-garde in the 21st century, which is very different from the familiar charm of Bowei. It is predicted that Bowei may have more amazing new ideas to appear.replica Audemars Piguet Watches

    Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two DLC-SLN

    Number: T10GD041, diamond-like carbon coated titanium, green dial, with luminous function
    T10GD042, diamond-like carbon coated titanium, blue dial with luminous function
    T10GD045, diamond-like carbon coated titanium, yellow dial with luminous function
    T10GD046, diamond-like carbon coated titanium, purple dial with luminous function
    T10GD051, diamond-like carbon coated titanium, salmon color (salmon color) dial with luminous function
    Limited edition: each color dial is limited to 8 pieces
    Watch case
    Type: Fleurier case
    Diameter: 44 mm
    Material: Titanium
    Strap: All crocodile leather
    Clasp: Diamond-like carbon coated stainless steel pin buckle
    Water resistance: 30 meters
    Model: 17BM06-GD manual winding movement, decorated with blackened Geneva stripes
    Diameter: 17 lines
    Vibration frequency: 18,000 times per hour
    Power reserve: 10 days, single barrel
    Functions: hours, minutes, flying tourbillon with seconds display, large calendar, power reserve display
    Dial: Superluminova color Luminous dial: green, blue, yellow, purple, salmon color (salmon color)
    Parts: 394, including 356 movement parts
    Patent: spherical winding system, three-dimensional gear teeth, double-sided tourbillon.