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The fierce competition in the aluminum industryMarket competiti

  • The fierce competition in the aluminum industryMarket competition is increasingly fierce, in order to maintain the sustainable development and produce the benefits, enterprises have to uphold the concept of "integrity". Strengthen the brand building and promotion is a priority. Plastic doors and windows enterprise should make efforts in embossing, brushing and coating to produce more attractive and higher-margin products.

    The long-term price war and the low innovative ability make the overall quality of the aluminum processing industry is not high, but also the plastic profiles, windows and doors enterprises obtain a poor reputation in the market. Our company mainly produces aluminium composite panel, aluminum curtain wall mono board, (embossed) coated aluminium coil, aluminium ceiling panel, plywood panel, fire retardant plywoodand adhesive. Therefore, some of the real estate business is in the choice of decoration products, but only treat the plastic doors and windows as low-end accessory products.Innovation in the aluminum industryInnovative products is more likely to allow the market to accept, is more easily for customers to be interested in. The lack of technology and the poor application of new technologies, resulting in China Aluminium Panels industry lack of the driving for the sustainable development, and the power to promote a long-term healthy development of the industry is always technology.

    The status quo of the aluminum industryToo much attention on the price competition of aluminum doors and aluminum plate business result in the entire industry into a state of profit and loss, overdrafting the social resources, and are unable to carry out technology upgrades, to create a complete value The R & D costs and technical personnel in China aluminum sheet and aluminum coil enterprise are much lower than Placing Booms Suppliers the number of the world's leading enterprise level, and the disregard of the technology and the lack of the technical staff have become an important factor restricting the development of China steel doors and windows enterprise.

    The individual needs of the market are growing and enterprises should batching plants increase innovation in personalization, enhance competitiveness, to avoid being eliminated in a sluggish market. All businesses do not put their sights above the price war, and we should join hands to create a specification, a healthy market is the only powerful, comprehensive and professional manufacturer of modern construction and decoration materials in South China.aluminiumpanel. Reshape the image of the industry, improve product quality, enhance visibility, is in desperate need for every enterprise. Meanwhile, enterprises should learn more about the market demand in the after-sales service and apply the perfect after-sales service to enhance product quality and brand value, and get a high degree of trust and recognition of the market. We should see the price competition is used to promote the development of Chinese plastic steel industry, but for the development of the industry, there are differences in the different stages of the push factors. Market crisis seriously affected the development of the industry, which leading to the phenomenon of product homogeneity is more and more serious.