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Chiefs are facing a Broncos offense that is not playing very we

  • The Denver Broncos offense has been bad. We said that last week about the Oakland Raiders who proceeded to put up 31 points on the KC Chiefs so I can talk too much trash but they haven put up more than 16 points since September and theye coming off a shutout to the Chargers Dadi Nicolas Jersey. This stat here shows what their last month has been like. The Broncos have averaged 10.5 PPG in their last 4 games. This should be a welcome treat for a Chiefs defense that has hit a rough patch. Gary McKenzie October 23, 2017The Chiefs are averaging 29 points per game which is good for second in the NFL. Theye had one clunker offensively and that the Steelers game where they put up 13 points. In every other game theye put up at least 24 points.The difference is that Denver is probably the best defense the Chiefs will face this year. The Broncos haven given up more than 26 points in a game this season. They are the ninth ranked scoring defense in the NFL right now at 19 points per game Isaiah Battle Jersey.I have to caution getting too excited about seeing Denver awful offense because we all watched the Chiefs defense the past two weeks, right? The one that gave up a gazillion yards to Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown and let the Raiders put up 31 on them? Yeah, I remember them, too.