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Corset Manufacturer China

  • chinese lingerie wholesale wore sexy underwear for a week to see if it made me more confident


    I've always loved gorgeous, lingerie suppliers china sexy underwear. Growing up watching Gossip Girl and Sex and the City, I had the idea that when I was a grown-up, sex-having woman, I'd always stroll around in a matching set of hot lace underwear, with the occasional corset thrown in for good measure.

    But thanks to a lacklustre commitment Corset Manufacturer China to doing laundry, a lack of drawer space and general lingerie-related laziness, I've never lived up to my fancy pants wearing dreams.

    Instead, I tend to stick to one faithful bra, plus whatever knickers are comfy, clean and easily accessible via a quick rummage in my wardrobe.

    I sometimes contemplate splurging on some sexy new undies, but then I think 'wait, this money could go on clothes people will see. Or food. Surely those things are more important?'

    Recently, I've been wondering *cue Carrie Bradshaw monologue* could sexy underwear be worth the effort? Might it actually do more to boost my confidence, self-esteem and general joy than buying another pair of skinny jeans or a massive tub of ice cream?

    According to the experts, it might.