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Reporting – typology

  • says there is a false typology used by those who call any reportage journalistic article. It is thus spoken about:

    - News reporting: Rapid reaction to news or material.

    - Contextual reporting: provides a deeper insight into a problem, often by investigating its origins (the evolution of a business, a product, a scandal).

    - Investigation Report - Investigation

    - Life report - portrait

    - Reporting on the spot

    According to the way of construction (the French authors)

    - Atmosphere report

    - Event reporting - an abduction, an aviation accident, etc.

    After the significance and complexity of the events to which they refer: various fact report - feature (scammed scammer, shoe collector for right foot, etc.), topical report (crime, accidents), news feature, complex event reporting (strikes, wars, revolutions), reporting phenomenon (drugs, abandoned children, adoptions), feature ideas, series.

    The only essential function of an intro is to make the reader want to read on. Intro can intrigue, frighten, tease, tease. It has to answer one of the questions:

    - What's the most amazing thing you've ever discovered?

    - What is the best and the least known anecdote?

    - What is the most unexpected statement?

    - Which is the most surprising event

    - What is the answer to the question "Hey, did you know that ?!"