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Battlestar Raven Live Feed of Galacticon 3 and Carriers

  • Colonials,

    For the those Raven Members and Friends of Battlestar Raven that cannot make it to Galacticon 3, well here is a little something for you. Since you cannot come to Galacticon 3, we will bring Galacticon 3 to you via our live feed of the event on USTREAM and will be located at the following websites which can be viewed easily: (located all the way down the front page of their site) ( at the Raven Group Page)

    All the Raven Live Feeds will be located on the front page of these websites.

    It can also be viewed on our Facebook LIKE page. But we do want to thank the following websites for carrying our live feed. This will also help lessen the strain on our main website server due to incoming traffic. We don't want it going down during the event. Please do not hesitate to check these websites out and follow along during the Galacticon 3 Convention. It is the least we can do for our members on the Ravens and Friends of Battlestar Raven around the world, that could not make it to Galacticon 3. We will be giving this feature a trial run to see how well it works. This feature will go live during Galacticon 3. Hopefully our phones and tablets hold out battery wise or whatever other equipment that will be use so there is no interruption. Otherwise, there will be intermission to switch batteries out.

    Raven Actual